UV bulbs for UV Sanitizer


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Officially trusted brand by Wabi Baby UV Sanitizer.
Replacement bulbs for UV Sanitizer, WA-9900N-PT.

Purchase qty must be in multiply of 2pc.

Emit high-intensity ultraviolet light that purifies the air, water, and surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
For effective purification, the wavelength and intensity of the irradiance are critical.
OSRAM PURITEC HNS germicidal lamps provide peak intensity at 254nm that is ideal for highly effective sterilization of water, air, and surfaces
  • Effective and environment-friendly disinfection without chemicals
  • Low mercury content
  • Long lifetime due to specific coating
  • Ozone-free
  • Long Economical life due to special high-quality coating

Osram bulbs provided by us are specifically modified by Osram to work with our unit. We do not recommend buying bulbs from any other 3rd party resellers.  see details.

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Just as all household CFL bulbs, there are NO KNOW HEALTH HAZARDS from mercury exposure to lamps glasses that are intact, click to read more detail.