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UVC LED Sanitizer & Dryer MINI

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Why you'll adore it:
Effortlessly sanitize baby bottles, toys, gadgets, and more with our Mini sanitizer and dryer, featuring the latest mercury-free UVC LED bulbs, annihilating 99.9% of pesky household bacteria in a smaller, more convenient size.

What it does:
Simply hit a button, and watch your baby and household essentials get sanitized and dried in just 30 minutes.

Additional features:
Enjoy easy operation with the touch-panel design. Bid farewell to guesswork with countdown and temperature displays, ensuring your peace of mind.

New and Improved!! The Mini is packed with features for your convenience! Smaller size, bigger convenience!

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Crafted with future regulation in mind, the UVC LED Sanitizer features mercury-free UV LED bulbs, a cleaning reminder, and many other new features.

20,000 hr

Usage time

3x longer than UVC lamps


Germs inactive rate

3rd party tested

275 nm

Stronger germicidal power

stronger UV power

Low Heat Drying

Gentle drying with low heat technology.

Microfiber filter

Achieve Optimal Filtration.

Auto Cooling

Efficient cooling that protects the unit.

Super Drying

Supercharged lightning-fast drying.

A powerhouse of convenience in a compact size

Upgrade to the Wabi Mini and experience germ-killing brilliance in a smaller package.

- Wide neck: 4 bottles
- Standard size: 6 bottle

not just one but... TWO

Smart Storage Modes

The sanitizer’s optional smart storage mode can be easily activated to cycle through UV protection or ensure a short burst of cleaning light after each opening. This is a simple way to automate and maintain a bacteria-free zone for your baby's gear.

1 - 1 min. UV every 3hrs for 3 cycles.
2 - 1 min. UV after each opening.

Quite Operation

Embrace the thrill of our quest operation that keeps the unit inconspicuously running.

Magnetic Door Panel

Our smooth magnet feature ensures the appliance is easy to close and open.


The simplicity of precision device operation with the ease of single touch control.

Wash & Rinse Filter

Save yourself time and money with our easy-to-wash and rinse filter that doesn’t require additional replacement.

Night Light

We took care of those midnight feedings by adding a simple night light to find your bottles whenever the door is opened.

Wide Opening

Frustrated with tiny openings your hands won’t fit inside? Not with Wabi’s easy-to-load door.



A simple touch on your chosen operation.



This removes majority of the impurities on the surface.



Simply loading all your objects inside the unit.


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