UVC LED Sanitizer & Dryer ULTRA
UVC LED Sanitizer & Dryer ULTRA
UVC LED Sanitizer & Dryer ULTRA

UVC LED Sanitizer & Dryer ULTRA

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The WABI® UV-C Sanitizer & This new released product was designed with potential future mercury-related regulation changes in mind, and as a result, the WABI UVC LED Sanitizer & Dryer Ultra is a proactive solution for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact. The Ultra model sets a new standard for sustainability and environmental responsibility with advanced UVC LED technology that emits a stronger wavelength, a longer lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, and a mercury-free design. With the addition of turbo drying and auto cooling features, it is now more efficient and longer-lasting. The enclosed design makes it sleek, and its new height-adjustable shelves and easy-cleaning tray make it a breeze to use and maintain.

The Ultra model also features two new smart storage modes, along with a cleaning reminder and error detection notification, making it a convenient and low-maintenance option for those who value ease of use.

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Mercury-Free UV LEDs


Third-party lab tested to kill 99.9% of household germs effectively when used as directed.

↠ 20,000 hr usage
↠ Mercury-free
↠ 50% more plastic friendly
↠ Stronger wavelength at 275nm

Turbo Drying

We Dry Very Hard

Amp up the cleaning power of our innovative device with an optional 10-minute turbo drying.

Storage does matter

Maintaining Sanitation

Optional storage setting activates UV-C after each open. This feature ensures all your objects remain sanitized throughout the day.

↠ Better than dishwasher, no relocation, no cross-contamination.
↠ 24/7 storage solution.

I use this Wabi sanitizer machine for almost everything. In these days it is definitely a must-have item. It is easy to use and works great.

Myoung S.

Touch control

The easy-to-use touch screen controller, also for easy device cleaning.

Wash & Rinse filter

No replacement filter, just wash and rinse for easy device maintenance.

Effortlessly Simple

3 Simple Steps


Remove surface debrise or grease by wash or wipe.


Load all your objects inside the device.


Select an operation using the touch panel.

how do we compare?

See the differences

Not all UV-C sanitizers are created equally


✓ Fit up to 9 bottles
Microbial Testing:
✓ By 3rd party labs on household germs, coronavirus 229E, H1N1, and norovirus.
✓ A registered Texas-based company for over 10 years in business.
Product Development:
✓ Highly involved in product R&D stage.
✓ Proud partner of many retailers, and hospitals.


Fit up to 6 bottles
Microbial Testing:
In house or not tested, often tested with one lab tray inside the device.
Mostly dropshipping companies from oversea or individual dropshippers.
Product Development:
Not involved. Buy and sell only.
Not eligible for retail chains. Only selling on marketplaces.

Just the FAQs

Wabi UV-C Sanitizer is registered with US FDA as general-purpose disinfections class one medical device for general hospital and personal use. In addition, we are also registered with US EPA and State EPA as Pesticide Devices as required.

We understand during the pandemic with the short supply of masks, there was a need for the desperate situation. Wabi don't recommend using our device on disposable medical mask and we stand by our beliefs.

Simple reasons are…
1. We can’t make a product reusable when it was never meant to be reuse.
2. UV-C is designed to be used with hard surface, it doesn’t work well with porous surface.
3. For best result of a mask, use a one-time use disposable mask.

There will be many products out there making such claims, Wabi never did and never will make such claim. We care, so we tell the truth.

Yes, they do. Although our device deliveries great disinfection results, it does not remove any foreign material (e.g., soil, and organic material) from the objects. The cleaning step is normally accomplished using water with detergents or wiping down with unwashable objects. According to CDC, thorough cleaning is required before high-level disinfection and sterilization because foreign materials that remain on the surfaces of the objects can interfere with the effectiveness of disinfection.

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Technical Specifications


11.5" W x 14.5" D x 16.75" H

292mm W x 368mm D  x 426mm H

14 lb / 6.4 kg


All FDA approved

ABS plastic

304 Stainless steel


CSA C22.2 No. 64
FDA medical device for general hospital and personal use 
EPA pesticide device


E. Coli – 99.9%

S. Aureus – 99.9%

Norovirus – None detected

H1N1 – None detected

Human Coronavirus 229E – 99.9%


1 x Main unit
1 x SUS wire shelf
1 x SUS wire-legged shelf
1 x SUS Drip Tray
1 x AC power cord
1 x Quick start guide
1 x Manual (EN/FR)


Auto - (Dry + UV) 30 / 50 / 70 min.
UV - 5 / 10 min.
Dry -  30 / 50 / 70 / (10m turbo drying)
Storage Mode 1 - Activates 1 minute UV every 3 hours for a total of 3 cycles.
Storage Mode 2 - Activates 1 minute UV after each opening.
Temperature reading - °F / °C.
Remaining time display.


ONE year limited warranty


Made in Korea


Interior/exterior: simple wipe down.
Filter: wash and rinse.

Optional Accessories

Basket - for other uses
Gadget holder - for more usage possibilities.


120V, 60Hz, 80W

Interior Dimension:

10" W x 11.5" D x 12.75" H
254mm W x 292mm Dx 324mm H

*General Hospital and Personal use medical device made for general-purpose disinfections - a general-purpose disinfectant is a germicidal device intended to decontaminate noncritical equipment surfaces. A general-purpose disinfectant must be used after pre-cleaning that removes all surface debris or necessary high-level disinfection for the intended object.