UVC LED Sanitizer & Dryer ULTRA

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Color: White + Gunmetal trim
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Why you’ll love it:

Easily sterilize bottles, toys, electronics, and more with this sanitizer and dryer that uses the newest mercury-free UVC LED bulbs to kill 99.9% of household bacteria.

What it does: With the push of a button, sanitize and dry all of your baby and household essentials in as little as 30 minutes.

Additional features: Touch-panel design for easy operation. Countdown and temperature displays eliminate the guesswork from the operation and help ensure peace of mind.

New!! Adjustable shelves, Auto-cooling, turbo drying, error detection, cleaning reminder, additional storage mode, and water tray for easy cleaning.

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A leap forward in innovation and sustainability.

Crafted with future regulation in mind, the ULTRA UVC LED Sanitizer features mercury-free UV LED bulbs, a cleaning reminder, and many other new features.

20,000 hr

Usage time

3x longer than UVC lamps


Germs inactive rate

3rd party tested

275 nm

Stronger germicidal power

stronger UV power

We Dry Hard, So You Don't Have To.

Achieve Rapid Drying with Cutting-Edge Patented Technology.

Low Heat Drying

Gentle drying with low heat technology.

Microfiber filter

Achieve Optimal Filtration.

Auto Cooling

Efficient cooling that protects the unit.

Super Drying

Supercharged lightning-fast drying.

Dual Vent

Double the airflow with dual ventilation.

Ultra Model Exclusive New Features

Cleaning Reminder

Our simple light-up cleaning reminder eliminates the need for surprise maintenance and costly repairs.

Error Detection

Our custom error detection feature quickly alerts you to any issues with the device.

Auto Cooling System

Our Wabi engineers designed a preventative system to reduce overheating and extend your device's life.

Turbo Drying

Amp up the cleaning power of our innovative device with an optional 10-minute turbo drying.

Adjustable Shelves

Transform Your Storage Space with our Easy-to-Adjust Shelves to Accommodate Bottles of All Sizes!

Drip Tray

Now with trays designed to catch water and mineral spots. It's like having a superhero guarding your surfaces!

not just one but... TWO

Smart Storage Modes

The sanitizer’s optional smart storage mode can be easily activated to cycle through UV protection or ensure a short burst of cleaning light after each opening. This is a simple way to automate and maintain a bacteria-free zone for your baby's gear.

1 - 1 min. UV every 3hrs for 3 cycles.
2 - 1 min. UV after each opening.

Temperature Unit

The unit exhibits the temperature unit that corresponds to your specific needs.

Quiet Operation

Embrace the thrill of our quest operation that keeps the unit inconspicuously running.

Magnetic Door Panel

Our smooth magnet feature ensures the appliance is easy to close and open.

Big Capacity

Don’t worry, busy parents; we’ve got you covered. Our appliance easily fits up to 9 feeding bottles.


The simplicity of precision device operation with the ease of single touch control.

Wash & Rinse Filter

Save yourself time and money with our easy-to-wash and rinse filter that doesn’t require additional replacement.

Night Light

We took care of those midnight feedings by adding a simple night light to find your bottles whenever the door is opened.

Wide Opening

Frustrated with tiny openings your hands won’t fit inside? Not with Wabi’s easy-to-load door.



This removes majority of the impurities on the surface.



Simply loading all your objects inside the unit.



A simple touch on your chosen operation.


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