Is Sanitizer a must have?

Is Sanitizer a must have?
Keeping it Clean
Babies have notoriously weak immune systems, after all, they’re new to this world and their bodies have yet to build up the resistances and defences needed to fight even the most common of illnesses or infections. That’s why any and all products they use must be totally sanitized and germ-free; their little bodies simply can’t defend themselves against the germs and microorganisms that we take for granted on a daily basis. To a baby, a small bout of influenza or common cold could cause serious or even fatal health repercussions.

The most common way for a baby to get sick is through their mouth. In other words, if your baby is formula fed or beginning to wean, the most likely route of infection or illness is through what they eat. Because of this, it’s extremely important that every product used to feed them is thoroughly sanitized with a baby bottle sterilizer and dryer – both are must-have products for all parents.

Clean Every Time

You will definitely use baby bottles to feed your baby any formula or pumped breastmilk, but how can you ensure that the bottles you use remain thoroughly clean and sanitized? Even if you wash the bottles after every use, there is no guarantee that they’ll remain clean. For example, while it might seem like no big deal to towel-dry your baby’s bottles, seemingly clean towels can actually transmit a variety of microbes and bacteria. Similarly, air-drying is no guarantee against the spread of bacteria.

That’s why a baby bottle sterilizer and dryer are must-have products for all parents. Our top-rated electric baby bottle steam sterilizer and dryer combine steam sterilization, hot air drying and negative ion deodorizing to produce only the best results – that is, the cleanest, most sterile results. By using an electric baby bottle steam sterilizer and dryer, you’ll ensure that you get clean bottles every time.

On the Go?

Our electric baby bottle steam sterilizer and dryer is easy-to-use and is perfect for those parents “on the go”; it is a must-have. Let’s face it: what modern parent isn’t on the go in today’s busy and hectic world? Because our baby bottle sterilizer and dryer feature an auto cycle, you can sterilize and dry your baby’s bottles and feeding equipment in no time at all! Clean feeding equipment available in nearly no time at all.

As every parent knows, when a baby’s hungry, a baby’s hungry; there’s no time to waste and no excuses to be made; put simply, babies simply need to be fed when they need to be fed. Unlike children and adults, babies require almost constant feeding in order to help their bodies gain the nutrients and sustenance needed to support their rapid growth cycles. Infancy is one of the most drastic times of human development; a baby will nearly double its weight in just a few short months!

All Things “Baby”

A baby bottle sterilizer and dryer isn’t just for baby bottles, but for nearly every item they put in their mouths: nipple shields, sippy cups, pacifiers and teething toys, kids dinnerware, etc. Make sure that whatever goes in your baby’s mouth is clean and germ-free. Get one of the best baby bottle sterilizers from Wabi Baby– a must have for all parents.

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