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Jessica J.
Interior Designer

I used this with my 1st son to sterilize his bottles and all of my pumping equipment. I love how large and open the main cavity is, additionally that it’s deep and I was still able to use the shelf attachment for smaller items like nipples. Super easy to use. A few years later; I am now pregnant with my second and was in touch with Wabi about refreshing my old system to make sure it was up to date. I have to say – they were awesome! Truly great customer service, excellent response time and very efficient!

Mary P.

We absolutely love our Wabi. Being able to set the sterilizing time on top of having the drying feature gives us so much more peace of mind then any other unit we’ve used in the past. I cannot tell you how much that means when any exposure to bacteria can lead to life threatening colonization within the lung of a CF patient. Your unit has lifted some of that worry which in turn lightens the load of the very heavy burden that comes with managing CF care.

I would and have recommended this unit to other CF families.

Wynter D.

My son was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that directly effects his lungs and immune system. We have to sanitize nebulizer masks each and every day, as he does treatments daily to maintain a healthy lung function. This sterilizer will save tons of time and effort cleaning and sanitizing his nebulizer parts daily. I am so thankful to Wabi for making our day to day life easier! We have a lifetime of treatments ahead, and this helps in such a big way! Thank you so much!

Milk Bank Liaison for breastmilk education

When I first started donating, I was using the boil method for 3 months before I bought my Wabi Steam Sterilizer and I don’t know how I survived that long! The Wabi makes things so easy because you don’t have to babysit it like you do with boiling. And the dry feature means you know your parts will be ready to go when you need them. When the UV sterilizer was announced I knew I had to have it. It has a larger capacity than the steam version and the UV technology is just amazing.

Elisabeth A.
Blogger at One Ounce At A Time

After the birth of my second daughter the milk bank I donate to require the use of an approved and tested sterilizer in order to maintain a higher level of sterilization. No longer were microwaving parts in a steam bag approved. Only 2 sterilizers were approved for use while donating. The Wabi steam sterilizer was one of them. To date, I’ve not had any of my donated milk fail testing while using the Wabi steam sterilizer. I know the Wabi is 100% to thank for that.

Katie H.

I love this thing. It saves me tones of time with drying and sanitizing all my baby bottles, toys and even my personal electronics. It was a decent amount of money so I was worried about getting my money’s worth but I can say it was worth the money.


Love the product! It has helped make my second pregnancy and pumping journey so much easier! Love that it has diff settings for UV, DRY, and storage. You just shake off the excess water and you’re good to go!

Kathryn B.

Loving my wabi sterilizer! Love that it dries my pumping parts completely and sanitizes everything thoroughly. I pump for a milk bank and have had zero contamination problems while using this sanitizer. It is a little large, but so worth it. Can be used for many household items. Toys, cell phones, remotes. Great product!!

Emily T.
Research Associate

The Wabi sterilizer has reduced the amount of time I spend cleaning my nebulizer handsets in half. I love that I can put my nebs in the sterilizer and hit a button and an hour later everything is clean (and dry)! I highly recommend the sterilizer to anyone who wants to save time on cleaning nebs!