UV Sanitizer & Dryer

The power of ultimate sanitation and efficient drying in our most advanced patent-pending technologies.



An easy lifestyle with Wabi Baby. We are looking to simplify not complicate.

We make it simple, so you can have time for life.

  • AUTO | uv + drying

    One button for sanitation and drying in as little as 30 minutes.

  • UV | dual bulbs

    Dual UV bulbs efficiently killing 99.9% household bacteria.

    How Does UV Work?
  • DRYING | dual vent + low temp. heating

    Patent-Pending dual ventilation with PTC low temperature drying that prolongs the life cycle of your feeding items.

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  • STORAGE | 8hr lasting

    Even with all the openings and closings, our long-lasting 8-hour storage function ensures high level sanitiation throughout the day.

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We Dry Very Hard

So you don’t have to.

Dual Ventilation

One of a kind patent-pending dual ventilation system in place for more efficient drying and cleaner air flow than traditional ventilation systems.


Low-Temperature Drying

Gentle PTC drying uses steady low temperatures to safely and efficiently remove moisture from the items.  Without the use of the high temperature, it may also prolong the life cycle on some of the items that aren’t made to withstand heat.


When it comes to sanitation, storage matters.

  • 8 Hours of sanitation

    Optional storage setting activates UV for one minute every two hours, this feature is ensuring all feeding gear remains completely sanitized throughout the day.

  • Wide opening

    180 Degree opening for easy access. Industry-leading capacity.

  • Make room for life

    No more drying rack, Save the precious countertop space for more family cooking or craft.

  • Metal Hinges

    Made to do the job. Made to last.

From bottles to electronics, we do it all.

Easy Maintenance

No replacement filter, just wipe and rinse


We promise to use only the highest FDA approved food grade material


Built-in auto shut off, user error prevention safety design.


Uses very little energy, also powers down automatically when the tasks are finished.


The minimalistic design frees up your precious countertop for more tasks.

It looks fancy, but do I really need to sanitize my baby's feeding items?

For health individual, it may not be a necessity on daily basis, but it definitely helps during those under the weather moments. If you are a breast pump user, it is required to sanitize the pump accessories after each use.  Additionally, with the added benefit of able to dry and store everything within an hour, it’s a no-brainer.

How does UV work? Does it really kill the bacteria?

UV-C germicidal sanitizing is very effective and a widely used method in medical, dental, pharmaceutical fields and water treatment making it a trusted disinfectant. Read more on how UV works




Inch: 11.5 W x 14.5 D x 16.75 H
mm: 292 W x 368 D  x 426 H
14 lb / 6.4 kg


120V, 60Hz, 80W


FDA medical device for general hospital and personal use.
EPA pesticide device.
ANS/UL 499
Canada: CSA C22.2 No. 64
Microbiological Test: 99.9%


E. Coli – 99.9%
S. Aureus – 99.9%
Norovirus – None detected
H1N1 – None detected
Human Coronavirus 229E – 99.9%


All FDA approved
Polypropylene plastic
304 Stainless steel


Auto: Dry + UV: 30 / 50 / 70 min.

UV: 5 / 10 min.

Dry: 10 / 20 / 40 min.

Storage Mode: Activates 1 minute UV every 2 hours for a total of 4 cycles.

Temperature reading: °F / °C

Remaining time display


1x main unit
1x SUS wire shelf
1x SUS wire basket
2x Osram UV bulb
1x AC power cord
1x Quick start removable label
1x Manual (EN/ES/FR)


ONE Year Limited Warranty


Made in Korea

Fine prints

[1] Time can be varied on the sterilization time and drying time.
[2]Third-party lab tested to show the result of 99.9% of bacteria killed when used as directed. At the moment, the specific Covid-19 is not available for commercial product testing to the third-party lab for testing. Once it becomes approved for testing, Wabi will be getting our product tested.

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