Steam Sanitizer Sterilizer & Dryer Plus

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This item: Steam Sanitizer Sterilizer & Dryer Plus
$119.00 $99.99
$119.00 $99.99
1 × WABI™ Silicon Reusable food Storage bag
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1 × WABI™ Baby Formula Portable Container
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The Wabi Baby bottle sanitizer/ sterilizer is the first of its kind: a 3-in-1 sterilizer that combines steam sterilization, hot air drying, and storage mode to give you and your baby the absolute best. Made for contemporary, on-the-go parents, our baby bottle sterilizer is efficient and easy to use. Say goodbye to the time consumption and health risks that come with traditional open air-drying! With one push of a button, you can have your products sterilized and dried within one hour – all with FDA food-grade approved material to ensure a toxic-free environment. The Wabi Baby’s sleek and modern design fits into the smallest of spaces, while still holding up to eight bottles at a time. Its versatility allows you to sterilize everything your infant needs, from bottles to breast pump parts, pacifiers to kid’s dinnerware, and more. Let the Wabi Baby bottle sterilizer help you find that stress-free environment, with less time cleaning and more time for baby.

What’s New in Plus
– one button descaling
– storage mode
– last setting memory
– newly designed basket for more storage

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