Why Using a Baby Bottle Sanitizer is Important

Human bacteria grow quickly in milk. Whether a mother is breast-feeding or using milk-based formula to feed her baby, it is quite critical to take precautionary safety procedures to ensure the health of her baby. To keep your baby safe it is recommended that you sterilize and sanitize a baby bottle after each use, along with other equipment the baby uses on a daily basis. In order to keep the equipment clean, parents can turn to baby bottle sanitizer and sterilizer, and some that have the ability to clean themselves and dry the baby bottle for you. We offer our customers two types of baby bottle sterilizers, one that uses steam called the Steam Sterilizer & Dryer, and the other is a UV Sterilizer & dryer. Both products aim to keep a baby’s bottle and other oral equipment (spoons, pacifiers etc.) sterilized and clean until the next use.

Why do it?

During the first few years of their lives, babies are most vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, and parasitic infections. Before sterilizing was a common practice in any household, many infant deaths occurred due to illnesses similar to food poisoning, which resulted from non-sterilized baby bottles. Illnesses of this nature caused diarrhea, vomiting, and subsequent dehydration. Similar occurrences seen now are not as severe, but can be connected to improper sterilization procedures with baby feeding equipment. It is not recommended to completely sterilize a baby’s environment, but during the first year of their life, it is important to keep their vulnerability of catching disease to a minimum. Fast growing bacteria exist in milk bottles and as a result, a sterilizing machine would be best to eliminate these bacteria and prevent any unwanted illness.

Maintaining Health Conditions

It is not enough to use soapy water to wash baby-feeding equipment because bacteria may still exist in the water, or food particles may be missed. Using a steam sterilizer or UV sterilizer may decrease the chances of catching an illness for you or your baby. The bottles must be cleaned so that every trace of milk is removed and sterilization is ensured. The WABI BABY’s baby bottle sterilizer cuts down the transmission of germs by sterilizing and drying baby feeding, and other oral equipment, like teething rings. Due to the frequent number of people handling a new baby, mothers are also quite susceptible to illness which they cannot afford to endure, therefore it is important to execute the steps given on our website to properly get the baby bottles cleaned.

The Steam Machine

Our steam sterilizer is the only one on the market, which offers features that no other sterilizer can provide. Our deodorizer setting uses negative ion technology to prevent and remove unpleasant odors, with the pushing of a single button. Further, there is no need to worry about the bottles collecting dust while drying because the sanitizer takes care of the drying for you! The two settings provided on the machine are for baby bottles and other baby equipment. It is capable of holding 8 bottles at a time, and the storage racks on the machine can be utilized for pacifiers, small bottle parts like colic rings, or even breast pump parts. The best part about Wabi Baby bottle sterilizer and dryer machine is how little time it takes to complete the job, which is less than an hour.

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