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 Steam Sterilizer & Dryer PLUS
 UV Sterilizer & Dryer
 Blue: WA-8810N / Gray: WA-8811N  WA-9900N-PT


Main Button Function
 Sterilizing Steam
Auto Sensor
Dual UV bulb
5 / 10 min.
 Drying  Coil hot air drying
10 /35 / 45 / 60 min.
 PTC low heat drying
Auto: Sterilizing + Drying Yes Yes
Storage Mode Activate 10 min. Drying every 4hr. for total of 3 cycles Activiate 1 min. UV every 2hr. for total of 4 cycles
Descaling Mode Yes no need for descaling
Additional Functions
Memory Setting Yes No
Remaining Time Display  Yes Yes
Temperature Display No Yes / F or C
Safety Auto shut-off Yes Yes
Energy Efficient Yes Yes
BPA Free FDA approved
FDA approved
PP / Stainless Steel
Energy Efficient 480W 80W
Works with
Baby Bottle & Sippy cup
Plastic / Glass / Silicon / Stainless Steel
up to 8 up to 9
Breast pump accessories Yes Yes
Pacifier Yes Yes
Teething Toy
(water filled)
No Yes
Teething Toy
(no water filled)
Yes Yes
Kids dinningware Yes Yes
Medicine Feeding tools Yes Yes
Nebulizer Yes not a recommeded method by at this time