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Touch Panel Dual function UV Sterilizer & Dryer

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Dry and sterilize in as little as
30 minutes with a single touch.


Dual UV bulbs safely and
efficiently eliminate 99.9% of
bacteria when use as directed.


Gentle PTC drying uses steady
low temperatures to safely dry
the items.

Storage Function

Optional setting activates UV
sterilization every 2 hours to
ensuring all gears stays true
sterile at all time.

Why is drying so important?

We can’t emphasize on how much we believe in
sterilizing and drying should always go hand in hand to
call it a true sterilization. Wet environment promotes
bacteria breeding ground, having objects sterilize and
dry at the same time decrease the chance of any
bacteria from growing after the process.

Learn more

3x faster drying
Patent pending technology

Dual Ventilation
+ PTC low temperature control

Low temperature drying that
prolongs the life of your

2 steps

 Can’t be easier than this


Load the object


Select an operation

Dual UV bulbs

Effortless touch control

What type of product can we use with this unit

Baby products


Electronic devices

Kichen products

Cosmetic tools

180 degree wide
for easy access

Fits more than just baby
feeding gears

Reaming time reading

Temperature reading

BPA Free

Made of FDA approved food
grade PP plastic.

Safety first

Built-in auto shut off for tip
over, over heating and user

Energy efficient

Use very little energy, also
powers down automatically
then the tasks are finished.

Small footprint

The minimalistic design
frees up your precious
countertop space from
drying rack.

Easy Maintenance
wipe and rinse.

High reflection SUS
is what make it work!

I love this sterilizer!! Really wish I had gotten it with my first baby!! It sterilizes in less than 15 minutes and the drying option is the best!! I can fit bottles and pump parts in it and saves me lots of time especially after work!

Jenifer Bush

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Weight dimension

Inch: 14 H x 12 W x 9 D
cm: 35.56 H x 30.48 W x 22.86 D

5.5 lb /2.5 kg


ETL Certification: 4004132
Canada: CSA C22.2 #64
Surface chemical coating

Main functions

Steam Sterilizing
Hot Air Drying
No-Scrub Descaling
Prolong Mode
Last use setting memory


Sterilizing: 212°F for at least 4 minutes,
most of the time at least 185°F.
Drying: Maximum temperature does not exceed 158°F.

Electric rating

120V, 60Hz
Auto Mode: 475W
Drying Mode: 135W


Standard size bottle: 8
Wide neck bottle: 6-7
Odd shaped bottle: 5-6

In the box

1 x Lid
1 x Accessory Basket
1 x Bottle rack
1 x Plate rack
1 x Chamber
1 x Air flow deflector
1 x Measuring cup
1 x Tongs


Polypropylene: Lid, accessory basket,
bottle rack, plate rack, air flow deflector,
measuring cup, tongs, plastic housing of base unit.
Polypropylene is a BPA-free and toxin-free plastic
material that can withstand temperature
up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Find your perfect match

Steam steralizer & dryer
UV steralizer & dryer

Fine Prints

1. Time can be varied on the sterilization time and drying time.

2. Third party lab tested to show result of 99.9% bacterial killed when use as directed.