Importance of Sterilizing & Drying

In the past water supplies and cleaning abilities were not up to today’s standards, which meant sterilizing baby’s bottles and pacifiers, after each use, was a necessary precaution. The repercussions of not doing this could be extremely harmful, if not fatal. Fortunately, over time, these conditions have improved, minimizing the threat our little one’s immune system faces. This means parents are now simply encouraged to practice proper washing and drying techniques to keep baby healthy. That is where the WABI BABY Bottle Sterilizer steps in. Designed with busy parents in mind, it provides the safety of sterilization in situations that warrant extra caution, and cleans and dries the items in one small and easy to use machine (saving precious counter space.)

Why is Sterilizing Important?
Because your baby’s immune system is still developing during his first year of life, it makes him the most vulnerable for disease and infections during this critical period. For these and many other reasons, physicians such as OB/Gyns and Pediatricians, universally recommend sterilizing all baby products before their first use. Doing so after every use can also greatly decrease the amount of illness your baby is susceptible to. This is especially important for those infants born prematurely, who are the most at-risk population. Children born with certain medical conditions should also have their bottles and various items sterilized and dried properly, to keep them as healthy as possible. The WABI BABY Bottle Sterilizer is capable of sterilizing certain medical equipment, such as nebulizers, to keep them clean and dry between uses. As parents, we know that illness is inevitable in the home, but the WABI BABY Bottle Sterilizer helps to cut down transmission of germs and cross contamination from one child or baby to the next in your home.

Why is Drying Important?
Moist areas attract bacteria, so whenever bottles are stacked to the side of the sink after being washed, they are instantly at risk for attracting bacteria that can cause illness. Bacteria can start to grow after only 24 hours. Even worse, when bottles are dried by hand there is a risk of cross contamination from the towel being used to dry them. With WABI BABY, you never have to wonder if your baby’s bottles are as clean and as dry as can be. The unique drying feature also makes it an absolute necessity for breast feeding mothers. It allows for quick, efficient sanitizing and drying of pumping equipment between feedings. Any other method, including air-drying, is ineffective in eliminating potential disease causing bacteria or mold in the tubing, which we know will be directly transferred into the breast milk. WABI BABY makes it quick and easy to get pumping equipment as clean as possible, to keep your baby safe. Even if you aren’t using the sterilizing feature, the ability to dry bottles and pumping parts properly is imperative to keeping harmful bacteria away from your baby.

How Can WABI BABY Help?
The WABI BABY Bottle Sterilizer is a unique, toxic-free sterilization system that uses steam to kill 99.9% of harmful germs on your child’s bottles, pacifiers, and more. Quick and efficient, the sterilization process kills household bacteria in as little as 15 minutes. This is the first sterilizer unit on the market to offer both a sterilizer feature and a drying function; allowing for one or both uses depending on your needs and the age of your baby. Moist environments can harbor mold and fungus over time, making it essential to thoroughly dry baby bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, and other baby toys. Our hot air drying system in the WABI BABY Bottle Sterilizer utilizes innovative swirl technology, which saves time and protects your baby.

About the Machine
The WABI BABY is the only sterilizer on the market to offer its unique features, placing it above other similar products on the markets. For example, it has a deodorizer setting that uses negative ion technology to eliminate odors with the push of a button. WABI BABY comes with two different racks: one for bottles and other baby products, and one for children’s dining ware. It can hold up to eight bottles at a time, and the racks can adjust to hold breast pump parts or pacifiers. It does all of these things in less than an hour! Even if you aren’t a parent that sterilizes, WABI BABY can still be extremely useful to you. It is the only system that saves you counter space (in comparison to drying racks) and properly dries all of baby’s bottles. And you don’t have to worry about your things collecting dust or germs while they dry! Give your baby the healthiest start, while making an easy, efficient (not to mention clutter-free) choice for yourself.

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